A Dutch Traveller

Stories involving me and all that stands on the path I travel on

During my months-long stay in Malaysia, I had gotten acquainted with a Pakistani fellow, who with an act of sheer folly had shown characteristics similar to mine. In a group of five, we had created a lifelong bond that remained upon farewells. So, when an…

Getting into Pakistan



The airline you choose to fly with is more than important as it can be the ruler of the journey there being a feast or a debacle. It is not all about the flight however. The airport you depart from or have a stopover at…

The importance of the proper booking site

Coming back from Cresta, we had been bedazzled by its beauty, but we knew with it, our trip was to come to an end. Our last day had arrived and dazed by the heat, we thought the Cantingas river to be best for letting the…

All must come to an end

Cresta de Gallo, a name alone so charming it propelled the idea of the entire trip. Upon further investigation of the tiny, captivating island, my love and I were enticed by its beauty. Having set our plan in motion, it also came as last due…

The Pearl; Cresta de Gallo

A truly young girl, barely in her teens had shyly approached us. Lorraine was the name. She was to bring us there. Last time we had a guide take us, I had objections. This time was different though, as, despite the misleading age of the…

Chasing Waterfalls in the Philippines

Romblon, known as the capital of marble, is home to a mesmerising marine life, picturesque beaches, a historic fort and over 38,000 people that are all but rude. It being one of the few islands with an actual tourist office, standing lonesome on the main…




As the boat docked, vendors as well as human mules awaited from shore, readily prepared to sell their goods or services. The air was thick and humid, and both of us longed for a long shower. We had just arrived at our third island of…

A Roaring Ride on Romblon



Back in my lover’s arms, it was not long before I dragged her with me from island to island in the beautiful archipelago. A short flight had taken us to the well-known Cebu where both of us would, without truly realising it yet, face our…

A brick of the wall of fear



Should I write about the time I drove over the Great Ocean Road? The mountain hike I did in Geelong area, or walks near? The day trips in Geelong and Melbourne? Perhaps the alcohol fuelled foolery with my mates? Or simply a summary of the…

The Marvels of Melbourne

There was an annoying tune coming from my phone, as it did every morning, announcing the start of my day. It hadn’t dawned yet, but that was winter. Which was a season that packed quite some chill for a country known for its heat. Some…

Working in one of the greatest cities



The sun, as usual, was out and bestowed those under it with a pleasant warmth on the late afternoon. Wonderful moods were all around, people smiling and being goofy. I could hear laughter and many involved in lively conversations. Lots of drinks were being consumed,…

A festival experience unlike others



Strange is the accurate description. My train from Mildura, where lovely Sheree hugged me goodbye, would take me all the way to Melbourne. A city I knew little of, but one I was putting all my faith in. Though it was not a complete bet,…

A Strange man



Tears flooded over her precious cheeks. We had spoken of our time together, our “December” frequently, holding on to the tiny thread that held us sane, yet when it was finally within our grasp, the moment had just as soon passed. Begin of December, we…

A Temporary Goodbye