The ‘Traveller’s Blood’


In highschool, everyone will eventually hear the inevitable question: “What do you plan to do after school?” For some this will be answered easily, for they already know their future, for others it will take a small search to find their answer and for the rest, they’ll feel as if they will never find theirs. This was the case for me. When I got asked similar questions like this, I usually simply replied with a ‘I don’t know yet’. But in all honesty, I didn’t really think much about it. I didn’t even care… I was just in school; following classes, getting home and trying to avoid my homework. I was living a routine. The future was not on my mind, nor were these major questions. I was not in the mood for change and choices. I wanted the simple life, because that is easy.



Then when I finally got to my final year, after retaking my fourth year, I started to realize I actually needed to find an answer to this question. It kept popping up while my friends were saying how they knew what they wanted to do, and I actually started to worry. I was already in my last year and I had no clue whatsoever what I wanted to do! The years had gone by so fast. Every so often I’d come up with an idea, yet dropping it almost as quick as it didn’t feel like something I would really enjoy doing. I felt hopeless living a meaningless life, everything was and seemed too boring to me, too regular. Then I just wrote myself in for an ‘Open Day’, not feeling all to excited about it though. I was assuming it would end the same way as most of my ideas.

By this time I was really set on deciding my studies. So I went to the ‘Open Day’ to find a study I will enjoy doing, which can be quite difficult. I initially wanted to attend a talk on ‘Hotel Management’. Therefore upon arriving I followed given directions and went there. But they had already started, giving me some free time before the next one. To fill this time, I started to look for other studies that I found interesting. I went into a classroom where they where explaining ‘Leisure management’, which is basically managing everything you can do in your free time (such as football matches, an amusement park, an aquarium, a hotel etc.). I felt as if I belonged there and I had definitely made my choice. I didn’t even end up going to the other one, for I was already done. Knowing my line of study made me feel a bit at peace.


Finding my passion

Now I still didn’t feel completely satisfied yet. I didn’t want another 4 years of studying immediately after my high school. My need to find my passion started around the same time my 19 year old (at the time) sister and her  boyfriend had come back after spending a year in Canada and the country’s beautiful nature. Inspired by our father, who has traveled to such places before, she went to see more of the world. After hearing all these stories and seeing the beautiful landscapes, there slowly began to grow an urge to want more than the routine I was living. More than the simple life I first was at peace with. I started to open my mind to all the possibilities this world has to offer. I don’t want to limit myself to what I get handed, I want to explore nature’s creations, experience other peoples ways of living and gaining more skills and knowledge by being out there. I want to travel the world! So the next morning, I woke up with a feeling of satisfaction, the satisfaction of finally knowing what my future had in store for me. I felt more alive than ever, set with a determination to follow my passion and I was ready for change! This made my life feel more meaningful and it simply made me happy.

Now of course, having to combine both studying and travelling is almost impossible. But I was determined to follow my passion and as a result, I decided to put off my studies for at least a year, more if I would feel like I need to. Now I could go see this big world without too many other things on my mind. I knew this was going to be good for me. So I now I had a career goal, a passion I was determined to follow and luckily full support of my family. It did take some convincing that this would be good for me, but after realizing I was serious, they even helped me along the way. Now the first part was over and I had to begin and plan my trips around the world. I had yet to discover that it is not as easy as it seems, and patience, a quality I don’t possess, is key.