My first trip alone


The airport experience

There I stood, on the airport waiting to check my bags in excited to finally go out there and see more than my back yard. Leaving from Amsterdam’s airport Schiphol, stops in London and Capetown, with final destination Port Elizabeth. I got in the queue for the check-in. When I got up to the lady behind the desk, she told me that my ticket didn’t make sense.She sent me to the information desk, in hope they could help me. Confused I did as I was told. Here they explained my mistake when buying my ticket: I should have used the airways site to buy my ticket, instead of a random site. You see, the site I bought it off, didn’t clarify that I was going to land in London City and leaving from London Heathrow. The actual airways site however, will clearly show any mistakes in your flight. Now, as they had pointed out my mistake, I realized that my decent 2 ½ hours in-between flights was going to be a race against time. It was too late to change it though, so I checked my bags in and went to the boarding hall. On the plane I was seated next to the window, giving me a nice view on the way to London.

Leaving the Netherlands

As the pilot announced our arrival I was mentally preparing to get off swiftly to rush myself through baggage claim and passport control towards the exit. Thanks to the lovely assistance back in Amsterdam, who tagged my bag, I was able to be one of the first to get my stuff. Then I quickly went outside to get a cab. Being in a hurry in London will make for an expensive ride. This cab was going to cost me much more than estimated, but as I had no time to find another possibility, I accepted it and got in. Luckily the driver was going as fast as possible to help me get there on time. Being an optimistic guy, I tried to enjoy my ride through London. I kinda could, as I did get a glance of the Big Ben and London’s Eye, which was cool. When I finally got to Heathrow, I tried not to waste any time. After getting through the check-in queue, the security and passport control I got to my flight just on time to catch my breath for a minute before boarding. This time it was going to be a long 11 hours to Capetown. As I can barely sleep on a plane, I binge watched series and read a bit before arriving.

London's Eye

Helping me stay optimistic during my expensive ride 🙂

And again, I was in a hurry. I was already late for my next flight, therefore I had no time to freshen up on the airport nor was I able to contact my ride in Port Elizabeth. This was going to be more of a problem than I thought it was at the moment. In no time I was in the air again, for about an hour. By now my ears were stuffed like a turkey for thanksgiving. I had finally arrived though. I was in Port Elizabeth, just a ride away from my hostel. So I called the guy that knows where I have to go to pick me up, he says it is going to take awhile. A meal, many chapters of my book and a lot of loitering later, he finally came. It was a blessing in disguise though, the guy gave me 50% discount for the long wait. – If you’re ever around Jeffrey’s Bay and you need a ride, look for Shane from Jcabs, he is a nice, likable feller! – After he dropped me off, I got to know the people there; A few people staying as guests, another workawayer, the manager and a girl that lived there. I was exhausted though, so I didn’t chat too long and went to take a shower before heading to my room. It was a nice cosy room. I waited with unpacking and dove in my bed. As I lay there, in my bed, I really felt happy and I slowly drifted off to a long, needed sleep.