Poland in sight


Time had once again come to get back on the road and brave all the crazy drivers, who have probably gotten their license together with a cereal box. These are the kind of people that think roadsigns are decorations and that roadkill is needed to thin out the species. We were relieved every evening when both us and our bikes remained unharmed after a day on the road. The first day from Prague hadn’t been that bad honestly, nonetheless worse than most days in the Netherlands. In a small village we had stopped to come to rest before going further. During our pause a man walked past and asked permission to take a photo, not of us, not of the packed bikes, but of our mascotte, the 3rd travelling companion; Quasimodo (A.k.a Danny). Then as we wanted to leave again, an older lad expained to us in the few German words he knows, that in half an hour, the bakery will have all it’s bread with 50% discount. A chance we didn’t let go. A little after we stashed away the cheaply bought bread, it was already a good time to find a place, which we did in a park a little further. In Podêbrady, this was. A lovely park, where I found a bench where I could perfectly watch the sunset. Great evening.

Back to camping

This camping place was followed by one on the edge of a small forest in Urbanice, on a day filled with the never-ending cycling. A bonfire was lit this time, giving us a great opportunity to warm up some beans and make improvised smoares. Using our favourite cookies, (Chocolate-filled sandwich cookies) which has become our travelling snack, with perfectly roasted marshmallows between them. It might not be the real deal, yet the cookies combined with the gooey marshmallows makes for a delicious dessert!


I woke up to surprisingly warm weather and I had a feeling it would be a great day. Luckily, I was not wrong; sunny, no wind, good moods and every now and then encouraging honks and words from strangers keeping us motivated. In Kostelec Nad Orlici, we stayed in the huge garden of an older couple. She offered us a beer and as the man went to work the three of us sat down for a chat. A noise in the background and the lady seemed startled, looking like a teenage girl hiding the bad habit of smoking. She admitted to secretly smoking once the husband was gone. The couple has travelled many times to places in Spain, Italy and Egypt and they plan to keep on going. Mainly in Egypt from now on.

Welcomed back by mountains

The day after, the weather had completely changed around and it was once again cold. During the afternoon, the sky tore open and soaked us harder than the front row at a dolphine show. This made going down big mountains with law-breaking traffic so much more enjoyable… A wet, slippery road. The funny part; every time we found a dry spot, it would stop raining, including the second we had crawled in our tents. In the lepricaun-filled garden of a distant couple, we had them risen this time. It was in Jablonné, where we also had decided to change our route a little bit, avoiding the rest of the high mountains on exception of one last (954m).



The mountain made for a climb on our last day in the Czech Republic, or should I say Czesko. Yet, on top with the amazing view and going down was once again great! All the way up at the top, I could see a village through the forest and mist in the distance. Gorgeous! The perfect way to end our Czech adventure; Racing down the tall mountain, back in the nature, dodging the crazy driver with only an inch and with a final greeting of “Aye to!”.


Poland, here we come!

The sign appointing that we reached Poland made for a stop and the routine of making a photo of us with the sign. In the first village, Boboszów, we went to find a place again, this was after one or two attempts, then a couple that does not speak a word English nor German let us put them up. Adam and Irena invited us in to play sharades around the language barriere and for some reason, we managed to have full conversations with each other on various subjects. Our bellies were stuffed and everytime we had emptied the pIate with sandwiches and gestured that we had had enough, another filled plate was put on the table. I also learned a few words (herbata is tea) and decided to learn some sentences during my stay in Poland! Only to find out that the pronounciation is tougher than expected.

*11th of April – 15th of April*