Reopening the Box of Creativity


I find that creativity gets crushed, when we let distractions get the best of us. Often, I avoid being in my own head. I indulge, – more accurately, dive head first – in distractions that refrain me from having to think about my thoughts. Whether it is a late night babble under the enjoyment of a cold beverage or sitting in front of a screen staring at what’s on it with a mind empty. I rarely left the house without music blasting into my ears, contributing as yet another distraction. Then again, we live in a society where it is endorsed and meditating is for the “hippies”. Bathing in the mind-numbing activities, I would say I had put off both writing and listening to my own thoughts for much too long. The latter, I slowly began working on and a few months in, I wondered the reasoning behind abandoning what I was so passionate about.

But I had, despite it being a hobby that when active in, it can overwhelm me with bursts of motivation, satisfaction and pride. When turning words into stories from memories, I open my creative side which generally helps me on other things I work on. What I do is not much, I jot down a bunch of stuff that’s on my mind, edit it once or twice and then publish it for the world to see. I don’t see myself or the stories necessarily as interesting for those who know little of me. But it is mine, something I have created and the reason I truly enjoy writing and the art of it, is because of how I feel afterwards every time. It always gives me energy, no matter if the draft is excellent or miserable. Whereas after hours of binging shows I’d be left with a feeling of dullness and slacked all that came after.

travel journal book

For a short period, during my time of working in Australia, I had managed to push out a blog post once a week. Fuelled by wine, I created a selection of blogs, each better than the other. During this period, I had a comfortable place in an exciting ‘new’ country where I worked with amazing coworkers. I called my girlfriend every single day and things were great. But when I had run out of ideas and stories to write, I had quit and that went on for much longer than expected. Was it my perseverance to block my need for writing with poor excuses because I don’t want to sit in silence trying to pry words from my mind? Was I afraid that after, what I thought were decent posts, I wouldn’t be able to top that with pressure of expectations of old and new friends? Or did I simply forget the feeling I get when I write something? Anything? Because sure, with travels and work thereafter I was busy, but no matter how busy anyone gets, there should always be some time for a hobby you are passionate about. When life takes over, it is easy to lose track of these things and piles of excuses become the rationalising thoughts as to why you quit and why you don’t need to start again.

I do believe that we all need a bit of creativity in life. And, as I had mentioned earlier, to create something through writing, it gives me motivation and energy. Since I am beginning to pursue some of my (and my to-be missus’) bigger plans and ideas, we figured it might be good for us to begin writing some more. Not just for the boost, but to have moments spent with our own thoughts and feelings during these busy periods, without it being time wasting activities that leaves you with nothing. Since my current daily life is not too far from dull and I don’t have the creativity, nor the skills that talented writers have to make a story out of nothing, I would like to take you back to nearly two years ago, starting a tad bit before my Australian adventures, as I slowly make my way to the present. I will be writing about things I have experienced, thoughts that have been and are on my mind and both things I struggled with, as well as that what makes me love life so much. I might also get into the plans and ideas we are currently pursuing. Since I haven’t written or truly read anything for a long period, my style of writing has decayed a bit, and I don’t doubt that the level of quality won’t compare to my previous posts. But, if you can bear through my writing as I try to find a place in the world of creativity, perhaps you might find yourself enjoying the journey. Who knows, maybe you will even relate to some of the struggles that I have been through and you could ask for, or give advice on the downfalls of life. Perhaps you think my work belongs in the bin. Either way, I will be writing again and more consistently and you are free to follow my story.

What about you, what are you passionate about in life? Do you still make time for it or do you have the piles that I have had for the past two years?