A sad note

Having written, in my opinion and reminiscing mind, such a wonderful story with an ending so glamorous, I could not bear to end it with a sad note. I wanted to, but reading the outcome I had so far, my face turned to a smile from memories. So I could not ruin that with a twist so sour and painful. But life is not all about the singing birds, blooming flowers and happy endings. Alas, life brings events that leave the heart to ache and wane.

We got to see our beloved elephants. We smiled at them, we waved at them and we embraced their presence. They are not the only giants in this park, but the chance is still that it was those whom we waved at that are the ones who succumbed to tragedy. Many of you might recall said tragedy, the incident of the calf and the waterfall. After a tumble, the poor thing was stuck and crying for help. Its family, with a mentality of a herd and compassion, rather than to continue onward had tried their hardest to return the child to safety. But it was this sheer commitment of rescuing the calf that lead to their demise. It wound up costing the lives of eleven elephants. Eleven. Watching the news and reading the updates, our hearts ached for them as the death toll rose. It was a gloomy day for us, the park, many worldwide and also for nature self.

There is not a way I can turn this into a positive post, possibly not even an enjoyable one. But, as I said, it is part of life and it deserved a mention, so I am going to simply leave it as it is.

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