Welcome to the category page. To make it easier to navigate through my posts, I have made a set of categories based on chronological order and geographical location of the trips had. If you see a country such as Pakistan or Oman in the category South-East Asia, it is not because of lacking knowledge. It simply makes it more clear and avoids having too many categories containing only few posts.


South-Africa being the very first solo-travel I embarked on, it also includes the beginner’s posts. Here, I began my story after two introductory posts and jotted down words to serve as memories. In total five, I write about my time spent doing voluntary work in a hostel as well as with a family in Johannesburg, my travels along the coast and the visit to Kruger park. Through these posts, I had soon learned that writing was something I enjoyed doing.

Cycling and Hitchhiking

When I returned home from the trip to South-Africa, I did so empty-handed, yet wielding a greater thirst for travelling. After an incredibly short period of working, I had already grown mad and longed for the next trip. Then I bumped into an old friend and soon a ‘plan’ had been brewed. Carrying a compass and with few peas and pennies we took off on a loaded bike for our €5 a day budget travel through Europe. After two months, this turned into a solo hitchhike trip.

South-East Asia (2018-2019)

Having settled back home for some time and having worked for nearly a year, this time around that the wanderlust had reached its peak, I came a bit more prepared. Now, my eye had been set on the South-East Asian countries, starting in Java, Indonesia after a transit in Oman. This was followed by Malaysia, Singapore and a curve to the Philippines where my internet “friend” was waiting for my arrival. This was also the start of a long-distance relationship, making me return to the archipelago after 9 months of working in Australia. Finally on the list was Pakistan, to visit a crazy lad befriended in Malaysia.

*Pakistan and Oman are added to this category for the sake of convenience*


During my travels in South-East Asia, my balance had trickled low, therefore I had decided to kill two birds with one stone and work abroad in the wonderful Australia. Working/living abroad had been a complete different experience than anything I had done up to that point and it made for an incredible experience and the creating of many a friend.

South-East Asia (2019)

The return of Asia came in the heat of love. After her visit to the Netherlands, it required little for me to change all we had planned to instead spend time together. Taking her to the Malaysia I know so well, we did little travelling and mostly enjoyed each others company before travelling roughly a month and a half through Thailand and Myanmar.


This is more a generalised category containing the remaining trips all bound to Europe. This is including of a fortnight spent in a Hare Krishna community followed by hitchhiking to Germany, being tourist in own country and other smaller trips. With an Asian in my hand, this category is bound to increase in posts.

Life outside of Travel

The posts here will mainly involve all that goes on outside of travel and more regarding my personal life. Though it is mentioned in other posts, here I go more into depth in the things that occupy my mind, what I struggle(d) with and plans and ideas among other things.

Personal Favourites

In this final section, I have a small collection of blog posts that I either really enjoyed writing, am truly happy with or enjoy reading again. However, it also includes moments in my life that meant a great deal to me or have impacted me in a certain way.