I am a simple guy from a small town in the Netherlands, born in 1996. Upon turning 18, the daily repetitions of avoiding homeworking and gaming most of the night had out of nowhere become too much and with a snap, I knew I needed a break. This so-called break had brought me into my first solo-travel and with it a blog came to life. Initially, it was for keeping my travels and pictures (memories) saved and in chronological order. But soon, writing became more than a way to store, it had become a passion as well as an outlet. A place where I can get away as I jot down stories.  

After a long period of absence, I am beginning to write again and wish to keep a more consistent publishing pattern from 2020 and on as I dive back in the travels behind me. As well, I wish to write more personal stories rather than purely regarding travels and thus will take your further into my life. The website has gone through a complete restoration as I felt it time for a change. With a new theme, plenty of stories to fill my blog with and a renewed flame for writing, I am excited to get started again and I hope you are to read. 

Finally, I want to thank all those who have read, liked or commented in the past, present and will in the future. I want to thank everyone who has shown support in both my travels and my life’s decisions and lastly wish everyone luck in pursuing their wants and needs.