The day our taste buds suffered

Though most of my praising of Malaysia is aimed at its cuisine, they don’t excel at all dishes and since my words of appraisal hardly suffice, I decided to go the opposite direction with a glance in their world of Western food. On this side of the world, ordering anything other than rice such as the well-known delight that is bun and patty is like partaking in a game of roulette whilst in Russia. Whether the chamber is empty and you’re safe to go is an absolute bet and the same goes here.

Portraying the scenario, my love and I had a wander in search for a night-market that due to a festive day was nowhere to be found. With a creeping darkness and a howling stomach, the two craved for a meal and rather fast. Then, as a beacon, a sign with neon-light beamed ‘Papa Rogers’ and it exclaimed the presence of burgers. I have a tendency to gobble them away during my travelling endeavours, rather than during my time home, however without loss of face I pranced inside and swiftly ordered the two biggest and fattest – pardon the overstatement – burgers they owned.

As swiftly that I had ordered, the actual preparing of our meal, despite the place being abandoned aside from us and a group of four, took an eternity. An hour, said with a hint of sugarcoating, dragged by as our already starving stomachs continued to be tormented before a waiter trotted our way with indeed two fat and big hamburgers. The first and second bite was absolutely amazing and it tasted far more heavenly than any meal I had had. Then, my tongue and its taste-buds began to suspect foul play from a crying tummy capable of satisfying its hunger with a month-old, mouldy cow’s tongue. I was drowning in sauces, some of which don’t even belong on a bun. A load of spicy topped with a funky, sweetish sauce that was squeezed onto it a bit too long. Then to top up, a fury of ketchup was rained down upon it. I opened my eyes and witnessed the horror done upon a magnificent patty. Because the sad part was, when I attempted in removing some of the saucy river, I came eye-in-eye with an exemplary piece of meat that would have been excellent served in any other way. Even the bread, weak, soggy and somehow still dry, had been an utter disappointment. Perhaps their tactic was to leave a customer starving so that it will finish the meal no matter what and it had worked as we both, lamentably, did. A taste smouldering in our mouths hours after remained one unforgettable .

Even when loud and clear regarding the desire of less sauce between buns, in Malaysia, they oft douse their burgers to an extend of ruining it. But, in general it is hard to find great ones all over South-East Asia or any Western food for that matter, as it is incontestably not their suit. Which is fine, that’s why I and many others come here, to experience everything that they do exceed in and they outshine in plenty others. Nonetheless, at times this unhealthy indulgent reaches a peak craving after days of non-stop rice and then to find exemptions such as The Black Apartment, Five Loaves burgers and so on, was a welcomed treat. But finding them in Malaysia was a scarcity and this was one of many sad moments.

Which is a secret unhealthy craving you turn to when travelling? Or do you stick to full healthy meals?