Keukenhof, a could-visit

Stuffed inside a car on a late April’s morning, the four of us along with a drooling shih tzu headed for the well-known Keukenhof infamous for the fields and paintings of tulips. Perhaps too well-known, as the man blasting from the radio told of traffic jams leading to our destination and before tomorrow being the worst possible time to go there. However with date specific tickets tucked inside my pocket, the only chance we had was departing before dawn and counting on late risers as we enter the park before the masses gathered at the gate.

Alas, luck be far from our side when many had amassed at said gate, as we spurted through the sea of parked cars. Amassed at the gate, through it, on the paths and practically anywhere within the vicinity. Bundles of nationalities came packed with overly large cameras and squandered their day of heat to be skin-to-skin with hundreds of other flower enthusiasts. In a slow, steadily pace we polonaise-d through the gardens in the shape of a thousand-footed centipede with “awe” and “ooh” sounds escaping people along the way.

As flowers blossom at the law of nature, it is understandable that all desire to witness this miracle and with that the attraction of Keukenhof resembling that of ants to syrup and bees to honey, but the gathering of groups and mobs practically killed the experience. Though given the option, as overall experience I’d choose it again and again. The sky-high number of people was overkill, but throw away the sour attitude, embrace the beaming sun and meander the many paths of the mega-park and you’ll be in for a great, fun day. Bring along the girl who mentioned she adores flowers and impress her with the haven of it. Take your family for a day out or go by yourself to indulge in sights and smells leaving you with pleasing senses. Come on in to explore all the wonderful, colour-rich creations and, as advisory, upon departing drive some kilometres towards the actual fields as in my mind, they are the true enchanters. Doing such, you’ll ensure yourself with a splendid day and resulting with a field giving you the opportunity for a shot worthy of your feed.

What is an overrated/largely visited attraction you’d still recommend going to?