Unfortunately, some pictures had to be excluded due to this format not being compatible with all pictures. Personally, I did not want to turn them into slides, however with the current theme I am using this was the only best way to have most pictures fit without being too messy or long to scroll. The only downside is that the quality of the pictures has gone down, but perhaps I will find a solution to that.

Anyhow, I am glad to have a place where I can dump majority of my pictures for future reminiscing and I hope those who go through them enjoy them as well. If you have any advice, feel free to let me know.


  • Leaving the Netherlands
  • London's Eye

Cycling and Hitchhiking

South-East Asia (2018-2019)

Should I have one slideshow, or a slideshow per country?


The rest of the pictures will come with the publishing of the posts. Thank you for taking the time to view my pictures.